tisdag 17 augusti 2010

New maxisingle release and Don't Buy From Napster

The time has come to release the second Mishkin CD, a Maxisingle entitled "All Rights Reserved".

Oh No, I don't Believe it (2 versions) 
Wonderwoman, can you dance to this (Previously unreleased version) 
Pucks Pulka IV (Previously unreleased version) 
Don't kill the poodle Larry

Total playing time: Approximately 30 minutes 

Front sleeve for "All Rights Reserved"

Later this autumn I'm planning on releasing a full lengther with tracks from the first mishkin singles "One" and "All Rights Reserved" alongside a few as of yet unreleased tracks . 

Working title for this full-length release so far is "Mishkin the misanthropic cat says go fuck yourself" :P

Things ARE happening :D 

Back sleeve for "All Rights Reserved"

I checked my track sales today, and i'd lie if I said they where impressive, but it's still more than I would have thought. 20 somthing Mp3 downloads sold over the last coupple of months. However, since they where mostly sold on Napster, I could have given them away instead.

I make a staggering $0.70 for a track sales on I-tunes, (I hope you noticed me being ironic just now?) but only $0.02 on Napster. Even more of the revenues would reach me if people where to buy my tracks straight from my Reverbnation store .. so plz ppl, if you're going to support my music, please do it there :)

Napster comes along with a distro package on reverbnation, so I can't get rid of this service  without simultaneously loosing access to other distributors :(

Inside Book (back) "All rights reserved"

Thanks to the talented fractal artist Golubaja for letting me use her fractal "Ripping from inside" in the back sleeve design.

tisdag 27 juli 2010

Summer's end

Well, that might be a premature statement, but in a way it is. I'm going back to Stockholm tomorrow, and that leaves me with a bit of mixed feelings. I've enjoyed my visit in Skåne this time. 

Random Occurrences

Today I'm tired as hell. I didn't get proper sleep for two nights in a row, and tomorrow I'll have to get up at six in the morning at the latest if I want to catch my flight. I'm grumpy.


I went for a last photoshoot in Båstad today, but didn't feel very inspired. Nothing looked photo-worthy and at the end I started photographing ugly things instead. Picking the uglyest of uglys as subjects and trying to find an interesting angle actually improved my mood for a little while. 

The pictures above are from the 14th when I visited Hovs Hallar. (Sweden, Skåne, Bjäre). The picture below is from right outside of Torekov. (Swe, Skå, Bj)

The good old days

I think I'll take a nap now. 

måndag 19 juli 2010

Jobsearch and a new camera

The Nikon D80 I've been using lately wasn't mine, I got my hands on it through the time-limited job I had here, which ended yesterday. After the past month, being without a systematic doesn't sit good with me at all, I'm addicted!

The D80 is a bit expensive for my wallet, so after lots of research I've decided on a D3000. I know, it's a coupple of steps down from the D80, but I'm hoping I'll be satisfied with it anyhow... Will I?

A cure for cancer

My reasons for choosing the D3000 are as follows;

* It's in my pricerange

* It's a Nikon, and I'm expecting it to be quite similar in handling to the D80.

* It's 10mpx, has image-stabilization for when you use it in-hand and can take photos in RAW (NEF) format. (+ 11 point AF, not to be frowned upon!)

* I like the fact that I'll be able to buy old nikkor/vivitar/etc lenses and use them with the D3000. As I've found out during my research, nikkon didn't change their lense mounting system since 1959 - I've already found myself a Vivitar Series1 35-200mm lens - Reverse Lens Macro Photography Here I come!

What do you guys think, Will I be satisfied with my buy?
Share your opinions, comments and experiences with the D3000!

Dude, Where's my car V1/2

Today I've been jobhunting, mailed out a couple of applications and read a ton of ads. Not the most exciting way to spend a day, but I'll be happy I did it once I find me a new job a little down the road.

Besides; it's pretty grey outside today, and I don't have my camera yet. Perhaps it will arrive tomorrow.

Night Tree

onsdag 14 juli 2010

Bicycle rides all over the place

Today I thought I'd UL a coupple of pics from my trip to Burens Cove, you'll have to wait until later to see pictures that are actually from there. ;-) 


I’ve been riding my bike a lot lately! The day after the trip to Burens Cove I took a ride to Ängalag on behalf of my current employers, but had the time to take some pictures of my own at the same time. Then yesterday I went for a ride past Broddarp through some scenic areas and in a wide circle returned home again.

Volvo BM
A veteran, atleast 40 y.o. Many farmers here still use them alongside newer models

 I still only went though 1/5 of all the pictures from Burens Cove, and though many of them are dupes and will be scrapped, it will still take some time to develop and post-process them all. Friday is my last day of work, so I guess I'll have to make the best out of the few days I have left with their camera, then I'll have to buy one of my own :P 

Cobweb & Metal Wire

lördag 10 juli 2010

A session at Burens Cove

Today I rode my bike to Burensvik (Burens Cove) in search of "le photogenique".

Burens Cove is a beautiful nature reserve and I hadn't been down there for a long time - I believe it must be a decade at least - so the ride was a pleasant opportunity to reminisce.

I had taken a good 50 photos before I even got down there, and I arrived at my destination around half past five. Though I didn’t choose Burens Cove at random, I must say that it exceeded my expectations by a long stretch! The photogenique was everywhere I looked, and I just couldn’t stop shooting.

While transferring the first 112 photos onto my laptop, I wished I had someone there with me who could take a photo of me, as I was sitting in the grass out in the middle of nowhere with my high-tech equipment, surrounded by cattle. It felt kinda special.

I continued the session until 8:30 pm, by which time I had taken 538 photos. Then I left for home as I was starving, and ignored most photo opportunities on the way. All I could think of was the leftovers from my Beuf Bourgogne.

Now awaits picking and choosing, discarding, developing from Raw, post-rendering and uploading onto dA, after which it will become available in portions here on the blog.

Keep watching. This will take some time.

A dream

tisdag 6 juli 2010

Random pictures and math

Today has been pretty intense for me. I took work with me home and spent a good fourteen hours of my day just working, working working, it's fun to get caught up in something, especially when it's a bit challenging.

Normally, I both hate and fear maths, but under the right circumstances, I can forget about the actual math and see it more as a riddle of sorts. Then it's irresistable to me.

Anyways. I had problems deciding on what pictures to upload today, so finally I decided not to choose.

Winter 14
Taken with my cellphone last winter outside of Jordbro

Overlay Mania

This pic was also taken with my cell (all of the pictures in this post are) Not only did I layer it several times, I did a whole lof of other stuff too.. Don't even remember what anymore. :)

Lars Lejonborg

I had the good fortune of running into Swedish politician Lars Lejonborg earlier this spring, he kindly gave me directions and let me snap a photo of him with my cell.. As if it knew who it was taking a picture of, it delivered better quality than it ever have before or since.. Or is it just Lars' charisma?

Goodnight ppl, sleep tight!

måndag 5 juli 2010

This Evening's pictures

I thought I'd UL some old ones this time.. From before I had access to a proper camera.

So we call him two sheds

Is there anybody out there?

Titles derived from Monty Python and Pink Floyd respectively. Both pics where taken on the same day during a walk outside of Jordbro, one of Stockholm's suburbs. Camera: my 3Mpx Sony-Ericsson Cellphone.

Sleep tight everyone!